Alexander Dobrovodsky

Alex has been in advertising for more than 15 years. He has photographed global campaigns for brands such as Nike, Samsung, Avast, Škoda Auto, and even for the presidential candidate Petra Pavel. From Cape Town to LA to Bangkok, he has covered a diverse range of locations. He studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, earning a full scholarship with his portfolio. As a class of '81 graduate, he has mastered all technical aspects of photography, reflecting in his work spanning diverse themes like lifestyle, cars, beverages, portraits, and sports.He has been featured in headlines for Newsweek and served as the main portraitist for Esquire for several years. Alex excels in controlling light and values a high-end approach combined with subtle aesthetics. He has showcased his work solo at the Josef Sudka gallery in the O2 Arena and at the Újezd gallery. He actively participates in creative projects and has a collection of various systems to suit the nature of his creations, ranging from digital medium format and tilt-shift lenses to Linhof 9x12 and Leica M.He enjoys tackling technically complex scenes where the light is artificially natural, and there's a cinematic allure. Nothing surprises him on location; he has worked on campaigns with a month-long preparation and shoots where you have "2 minutes to get it done." For someone whose grandfather from Modena is named Marzio Ferrari, speed is no surprise to him ;)

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